Manage your money before it manages you.

If you need money management tips, Quick Payday’s financial tips section is the place for you. We realize that the best defense against financial difficulty is a good offense in money management. We strive to help you in both. Below you will find stable money management tips that will help you stay out of trouble.


It is important to remember that financial stability does not rely on how much you make, but on what you choose to spend. The first and most important aspect of money management is to create a budget. You should know, approximately, how much income, minus taxes, is coming in every month. This is easily assessed by adding together the pay stubs of a given month.

Once you have established what you make every month, it is important to live within that budget. Many times it’s tempting to buy things on credit, which adds another bill to pay at the end of the month. For assistance with developing your budget and your overall money management, Quick Payday has developed budgeting worksheet that you can download. Also, once you have your budget in place, stick to it.


Today many people have large amounts of debt. Though Quick Payday is here to help you bridge your financial gap from time to time, we also realize how important it is to eliminate debt through money management. A good start is to use a debt elimination calendar.

To use this Excel spreadsheet calendar, in the first horizontal column, the debts you would like to pay off are listed left to right (most pressing debt first moving to least). In each month, list the amount owed per month until the debt is paid. Upon the debt being paid, roll the money over and add it to the next loan.

For example, let’s consider that you are paying $100 a month to a credit card loan and $250 to an auto loan. When the credit card loan is paid off, add the $100 to the Auto loan, so you are now paying 350 toward your auto loan. This will speed up pay off as well as knock down potential interest.

Budgeting and debt elimination don’t happen overnight, no matter how good your money management skills are, so if you need some cash to get you through, find out if you are eligible for Quick Payday loans by filling out a new member application for quick cash. If you have questions about your eligibility for a loan, learn more about how a payday loan works, or contact Once you have been approved, sign in at the members page and submit your request for a payroll loan.